The Portuguese wants to leave, but there is no one to receive him. The star goes out, and the World Cup is coming…

The Portuguese wants to leave, but there is no one to receive him. The star goes out, and the World Cup is coming…

Being a star is not a guarantee.

Cristiano Ronaldo is, that and much more, he is a super athlete, a devastating gunner, but his fame and his goalscoring trail do not shelter him in these times of crisis.

Cristiano Ronaldo is today a star that took off from the sky, which fell intermittently and went out in hell.

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'Ronaldito', 'Christian'

The Portuguese wants to leave, but there is no one to receive him. The star goes out, and the World...

Ronaldo is already 37 years old, he is no longer a pretentious boy, he is, for sure, a seasoned footballer, a winner who never satisfied his hunger for victory.

But now when Ronaldo walks out onto the pitch, he no longer looks happy, he no longer radiates the same brilliance.

He is a faded Cristiano, as if half a name were missing, as if he were not Cristiano Ronaldo, but a Ronaldito or a Cristianito.

Cristiano returned to Manchester in August 2021 with the vain idea of ​​repeating past deeds. He returned to the club where so much epic waste.

From there sprang all his goalscoring magic, from there he climbed to the Olympus of Real Madrid. But his second stay at the club they call the Red Devils is hellish.

Ronaldo now only arouses complaints, controversies and anguish.

He wants to leave Manchester, that's what he said, “I'm Ronaldo and I'm leaving”.

“But why, Mr. Ronaldo?”.

“Because I don't play Champions, it doesn't seem like much to them”.

“But it is not that easy, Mr. Ronaldo, there is a signed contract here, in force, and where do you intend to go, you are already 37, don't forget it”.

So he couldn't leave. And Ronaldo seems angry with the club, with the people, with himself.

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A storm in hell!

The Portuguese wants to leave, but there is no one to receive him. The star goes out, and the World Cup is coming...

'CR7' did not make it to the international pre-season due to family issues.

He arrived for the friendly against Rayo Vallecano, he played for a while, then they replaced him, and the journalistic legend tells that he got angry with DT Erik Ten Hag, and that he made a bad face on the bench, that he couldn't stand it and he went to the dressing room, and there he couldn't stand it either, and he left the stadium.

A storm in hell!

“I certainly don't approve of that. This is unacceptable”, said the DT, wounded in his DT ego, which should not be deeper than that of the star. separation).

Ronaldo, however, was in the first two Premier League games with United.

In one he started as a substitute, and the loss was 1-2 against Brighton.

In the other, against Brentford, he started and the defeat was catastrophic, 4-0…

So everything comes together, with a residue of the team, which suffers, which does not prevail. And Ronaldo pouting, and with a coach between his swords, and dissatisfied fans, fans who don't understand what's going on with their team and with their old idol.

The previous season was chaotic. The team was left without qualifying for the Champions League. Ronaldo scored 18 goals in 30 Premier League games, not many considering that in his last season with Juventus he scored 29 in 33 games.

To make matters worse, in one of his tantrums he threw his cell phone at a child, an innocent who perhaps did not lose faith in him.

Last week, the player had to testify for that episode and received a warning from the police. Maybe something minor, but not in these critical moments.

You can still go. New rumors spread daily. It's not easy, because of his age, at the moment and because of his salary, It is estimated that he earns around 29 million euros net, a figure that not everyone can afford.

A fan hinted at the president of Real Madrid to “sign Cristiano”, and the white chief responded with surprise: “Again… at 37 years old?”

In any case, after having been in the orbit of Atlético de Madrid, it is said that he could go to German Borussia Dortmund, but that is unlikely. He will have to wait.

It has already been said that he is desperate, that he offers himself to one, to the other, to anyone.

For now, the star that fell from heaven is burning in hell at Manchester United.

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