The portraits of Clinton and Bush taken from the lobby of the White House

The portraits of Clinton and Bush taken from the lobby of the White House

(Los Angeles) The official portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, previously displayed in the lobby of the White House, where Donald Trump could see them daily, have been removed to be hung in a small room. used in the presidential residence, CNN said on Friday.

According to the American channel, which quotes several witnesses, the predecessors of Mr. Trump were replaced in their place of honor by two Republican presidents who were elected more than a century ago, William McKinley, assassinated in 1901, and Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded him.

In the White House, tradition has it that portraits of the most recent American presidents are the most prominent for guests at official events.

This was still the case on July 8 during the visit of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Since then, paintings representing Bill Clinton (Democrat, President 1993-2001) and George W. Bush (Republican, President 2001-2009) have been moved to a rarely used dining room, which is usually never frequented by distinguished visitors.

Asked by AFP, the White House had not reacted Friday evening.

CNN notes that President Trump had the opportunity to see his two predecessors several times a day, when he came down from his private residence or when he greeted his guests in the lobby.

The portrait of Barack Obama, to whom Donald Trump succeeded in 2017 and whom he accused of all evils, including “crimes”, should not be revealed to the public at an official ceremony before the presidential election of November, a sign of the esteem that the billionaire has for him.

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