The popular fashion portal named 10 autumn trends

The popular fashion portal named 10 autumn trends

A popular fashion portal named 10 fall trends

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WWD fashion magazine named ten trends that will be relevant this fall.

popular in 80s jackets with wide shoulders of a rectangular cut.

Also, the fashion of the 2000s — miniskirts, sequins, low-waisted pants and crop tops.

"If you need inspiration, look Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears", — journalists suggested.

In addition, alcoholic T-shirts will remain in fashion, which can be combined with jeans and evening skirts, and the barbicor style with his hot pink in clothing.

Another — “statement coat”: outerwear that will stand out from the crowd. It can be made of both artificial and natural fur, and also decorated with bright prints.

Hand-knitted items will also be popular.

"Rough textures and a lot of hand knitting are essential this fall”, — say the authors of the publication.

Corsets, transparent things and denim clothes will remain popular, journalists are sure.

The tenth trend, in their opinion, — these are high boots.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga