The Pope prays for the 40 dead and dozens missing in a shipwreck off the southern coast of Italy

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  • The Bishop of Rome has also had a memory for the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, and has demanded peace for Ukraine

The Pope prays for the 40 dead and dozens missing in a shipwreck off the south coast of Italy

The Pope in Rome prayed for those killed and missing in a shipwreck off the southern coast of Italy, in the Calabria region, which according to the latest counts has cost the lives of at least 40 people, including several minors, who have been located this Sunday. “I pray for each one of them and the disappeared. I thank all those who have provided their help and are welcoming. The Virgin support these brothers and sisters”, he pointed out Francisco during the angelus this Sunday.

The Italian authorities do not rule out that the number of deaths will continue to rise. Meanwhile, the rescue operations have saved the lives of some 50 survivors who managed to reach a beach in the town of Cutro (Crotone province), where they have been treated by emergency teams since early morning in the morning. Apparently, the barge in which the immigrants traveled crashed He crashed into some rocks before they could ask for help.

Peace for peace in Ukraine and Palestine

Francis has reiterated his plea for peace for Ukraine, a war that fulfilled He marked this February 24 one year after the invasion of Russian troops, and he also asked the faithful not to forget the victims of the earthquake on the Syrian-Turkey border.

Likewise, he has condemned the spiral of violence in Israel and Palestine: “How to stop this spiral of violence? Again I appeal to make dialogue prevail over hatred and revenge. That the Palestinians and Israelis find the path of dialogue and peace“, has claimed the Bishop of Rome. Last Wednesday at least 11 Palestinians died, at least six of them militants and four civilians, in an incursion of the Israeli Army in the city of Nablus, in the north from the West Bank.

Finally, the Pope also expressed his concern about the wave of terrorist attacks that are taking place in Burkina Faso: “I invite you to pray for the population of Burkina Faso.” n of this country so that violence does not lose confidence in the path of democracy, justice and peace”, he asked at the angelus of this first Sunday of Lent.

Lenten Retreat

It is expected that starting this Sunday the Pope and the Rome Curia will make a break in their agenda from March 26 to 3 to carry out As reported by the press office of the Holy See, the Pope will hold a retreat for Lent this year. strong> alone and on his account the spiritual exercises . Since 2014, it was customary for the Pope and the cardinals who live in Rome to share this week outside the Vatican, but it was suspended due to the restrictions of the pandemic.