The Pope of Rome called the death of Dugin “an innocent victim of war”

The Pope of Rome called the death of Dugin “an innocent victim of war”

For exactly six months, Ukraine is suffering from a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, on the same day the Pope of Rome has declared about”divine war”

Pope Francis, having declared that the daughter of the Russian propagandist Oleksandr Dugin, on the 20th sickle was pissed off in a car, was an innocent victim of warfare”.

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The Pope called Dugin's death “an innocent victim of war”

It is not innocent to pay for war“, — said the Pope of Rome, slaying the wealthy Ukrainians.< /p>

24 sick days, on the Day of Independence of Ukraine and on the day, if exactly six months on that day the Russian Federation began a full-scale invasion of our country, condemning the war and calling it “Godville”.

So , the Pope of Rome, calling the light to & # 8220; specific dates & # 8221;. Vіn talking about the need to end the war in Ukraine and avoid the risk of a nuclear catastrophe at the Zaporizhia power station. Krіm tsgogo, the Pope of Rome, calling wars & # 8220; God's Villas & # 8221; and guessing the Gift’yu Dugin – the daughter of one of the founders of the ideology of the “Russian world”, as she herself supported the large-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Її Vіn calling “an innocent victim”.