The Pope held an online meeting with Russian youth

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Pope Rome held an online meeting with Russian youth

Illustrative photo from open sources

Pope Francis spoke with Russian youth, connecting online to the All-Russian meeting of Catholic youth in St. Petersburg on August 25. The Vatican news agency Agenzia Fides reports about this.

At the meeting, questions about Russia's war against Ukraine were also raised. In particular, about the role of diplomacy for its completion.

Good diplomats benefit humanity. The work is not easy, but very fruitful. And this is both with the Ukrainian situation and with other countries. Diplomacy always builds, it does not destroy.

Francis noted that, in his opinion, “diplomacy is not afraid of conflicts” and “moves forward through dialogue”. He also added that the position of both sides of the conflict should be taken into account in any dialogue. for the Russians.

In addition, in July he called "brothers from the Russian government" restore the “grain agreement”.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga