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The PLQ asks the CNESST to investigate working conditions in the warehouse

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An Amazon warehouse in Montreal (Archive photo)

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The Liberal Party of Quebec ( PLQ) asks the CNESST to conduct an investigation following the publication of a report detailing the poor working conditions of employees in Amazon and Dollarama warehouses, several of whom are immigrants. p>

A study officially published on Saturday and carried out by the Interuniversity and Interdisciplinary Research Group on Employment, Poverty and Social Protection (GIREPS), by the Center for Immigrant Workers (CTTI) and by the Association of employment agency workers (ATTAP) focuses on the working conditions in the warehouses of these companies in the Montreal region.

The GIREPS report makes several findings, including unstable employment and a lack of security in these warehouses.

Dollarama and Amazon: warehouses where “workers are squeezed like lemons”

Additionally, large companies like Dollarama and Amazon are more likely to hire vulnerable workers. The survey respondents are, more than the average handler in Quebec, men and women born outside of Canada. They are four times more likely to belong to a visible minority and twice as likely to be overqualified for this type of job, the report states.

LoadingA counter-offer is submitted; the FAE ready to negotiate this weekend

ELSE ON INFO: A counter-offer is submitted; the FAE ready to negotiate this weekend

In response to this study, Monsef Derraji, spokesperson for the PLQ on immigration, francization and integration, summoned the Commission on Standards, Equity, Health and work safety (CNESST) to conduct an investigation into this situation.

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MP Monsef Derraji, of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) (Archive photo)

The situation is that more and more, there are reports coming out. Remember that there is a United Nations rapporteur who came to Quebec to decry the situation, said Mr. Derraji during an interview, referring to the words of the United Nations special rapporteur, Tomoya Obokata, who called on Canada to do more to implement measures to combat modern slavery by protecting workers' rights.

On Monday, we will submit a request for an initiative mandate to the Committee on the Economy and Labor, because we must not wait for other tragedies before acting.

A quote from Monsef Derraji, PLQ spokesperson on immigration, francization and integration

Mr. Derraji believes that there is currently fertile ground for precarious working conditions for workers, particularly foreign workers and those from immigrant backgrounds.

Most of the foreign workers I spoke with [this] summer are often poorly informed about their rights. They are poorly informed about the labor standards applicable in Quebec, which pushes them to undergo very significant pressure in the workplace, declared the MP, highlighting the repercussions of this situation on the physical and mental health of these workers. .

It should also be noted that the use of employment agencies, increasingly common in several sectors, greatly affects these workers, and, for us , we must go beyond a CNESST investigation, he added.

Mr. Derraji hopes that the Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, will follow up on his requests.

Mr. Boulet had not responded to our interview request at the time of publishing these lines.

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