The 'Pibe' Valderrama spoke about the possibilities of Argentina to be champion in the World Cup Qatar 2022

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The former Colombian soccer player gave his opinion on the 'Albiceleste' team and stated that his team is built to win the cup

The ‘Pibe’ Valderrama spoke about Argentina's chances of being champion in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

El 'Pibe&#x27 ; Valderrama referred to the Argentine team and the possibility of winning the World Cup. Image: (Colprensa – Juan Páez).

With the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, soccer, the most popular sport in the entire history of the planet, became the main point of conversation in the public sphere, especially for those fans who live it with the greatest possible passion. Although the Colombian team did not qualify for the orbital event, it has been an active participant in its sports conversations.

One ​​of the highest references in national football joined the conversation about the possible favorite teams to win the mythical cup. In conversation with FDP Radio, Carlos 'el Pibe' Valderrama gave his opinion on the team that he sees as one of the main contenders to win the title. < /p>

In short statements, the 'Pibe' referred specifically to the Argentine team, who goes with all the necessary motivation to manage to dominate the world of football. Those led by the technical director, Lionel Scaloni, landed in Qatar being champions of the Copa América and the Finalissima (a match that faced the champion of Europe and America), so for several months they have positioned themselves as one of the favorites and that is how the Colombian made a glimpse of it.

Valderrama specified that in recent years, the Albiceleste team put together the team to win and that although Lionel Messi is His main profile, it was not only on him that the foundations of the squad that will debut in the World Cup against Saudi Arabia were laid:

“They put together a team, Argentina has a team. As Burru says: Argentina at the time didn't just have Maradona, it had a team that people later recognized. Here Argentina put together a team, and not only for Messi but to win.”

This is one of the most important aspects of the Argentine team, which were built to win and not to play around a single player. However, the former Colombian soccer player did not leave behind the importance of Lionel in the squad and acknowledged that he has always enjoyed watching him play:

I enjoy Messi. I have always enjoyed it, because he recreates himself to play. He likes to play

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To close his statements, Valderrama spoke from his experience in previous World Cups and stated that it is essential to win the first game of the tournament, since this can define the rest of the path that the teams will have to go through in the face of the mythical final:

“People talk about 30-something teams, but there are seven games. Win two and the rest is the World Cup: the first of all is essential”.

Based on the order of the groups, Argentina will have a difficult path to In the final, they would possibly have to beat Denmark, the Netherlands, Brazil and in the last game they would have to beat England or Portugal according to the predictions.

The Argentine team shares group C with Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia. His official debut will be on Tuesday, November 22 at 5:00 a.m. Colombian time against the Arab team. Subsequently, they will measure levels against the team 'Manito' on Saturday, November 26 at 2:00 p.m. and will close their stage against the Polish squad on Wednesday, November 30 at 2:00 p.m.