The photos of the soccer player with his new partner have gone around the world. 

The photos of the soccer player with his new partner have gone around the world. 

September has started and the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué is still involved in one or another scandal as a result of his traumatic separation from the Colombian < b>Shakira.

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While the legal dispute looms, with transcendental issues for the ex-partner such as the custody of their two children and the distribution of assets, the soccer player is subjected to daily media pressure and the siege of the paparazzi.

This is how he was recently caught with his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti, in some photos that have gone around the world.

The secret history of photos

The photos of the soccer player with his new partner have gone around the world.&nbsp;

The revealing images that confirmed Piqué's relationship with Clara were the work of the reporter and paparazzi who has been following Piqué's footsteps, every move, to find his exclusives.

This is the Spaniard Jordi Martín , who in a chat with 'Hola', where the photos were published, told details of his expertise in finding that photographic record so sought after by all his colleagues.

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Jordi recounted details of what he witnessed at that wedding between Albert Pedré, a friend of the centre-back, and Anna Tormo, at which Piqué was captured.

He said that the wedding seemed to be Piqué's and not his friend's, since the place was shielded to protect the privacy of the Barcelona center-back.

“He asked the groom that all the guests hand over their mobile phones to avoid indiscreet photos. They were seized in a box and returned to them when they left,” he said.

Jordi was hidden in a parking lot for hours, waiting for the right moment to carry out his journalistic work. When he succeeded, he already had in his possession a unique material that was later disseminated.

Another infidelity

Jordi himself told that Gerard has a best friend, and that Clara was the girlfriend of that friend's brother. “They tell me that Piqué fell in love with her from the first time he saw her and they exchanged telephone numbers. At first, they began to sneak out,” Martin initially stated on the program 'El gordo y la flaca'.

” Shakira was not the only person deceived,” he added.

“Piqué not only took his best friend's brother's girlfriend, but also fired him from Kosmos. Instead, he hired the girl. This relationship began with the deception of Shakira and Clara's poor boyfriend, “said the paparazzi.

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