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The phone is frozen: what should be done so as not to damage the gadget

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Zavis phone: what to do so as not to damage the gadget

If the smartphone has frozen and does not respond to touches, you need to act quickly, but carefully, so as not to damage the device. Everyone probably faced this problem. However, it turns out that you need to perform one simple action.

Many experts advise to reboot the device, but this does not always work. This was reported on “Apostrophe”.

In most cases, it is best not to reboot, but to immediately turn off the device. It is important to understand that these two processes are completely different.

All smartphone owners are told that when the gadget malfunctions, it needs to be rebooted. However, despite popular opinion, this manipulation does not always help. Therefore, if your device does not respond to touches, it is best to turn it off immediately.

There is no point in wasting time on rebooting in such cases. Also, for prevention, experts advise turning off and on the phone from time to time so that it works without failures. So all processes will be canceled automatically, and background applications — shut. In this way, the device will be able to work without “braking”.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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