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The phone does not see the SIM card: instructions on how to fix the error

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr17,2024

The phone does not see the SIM card: instructions on how to fix the error

If you have problems not only with communication, you should check the SIM card and find out the cause of the problems as soon as possible.

There are often situations when the smartphone does not recognize the SIM card or periodically loses its signal. This can be caused by various reasons, from incorrect installation of the SIM card to a malfunction of the phone itself, it can be an error related to another update from the manufacturer itself. We'll walk you through the steps to help you solve this problem yourself without consulting a professional.

Check that the correct SIM card is in the tray. Note the pattern or symbol on the tray that indicates the correct position of the SIM card.

Make sure that the SIM card tray is installed correctly and does not protrude from the housing. Insert a small special pin into the tray eject hole and make sure it is inserted the correct way without too much pressure.

Check if the SIM card is active. Install it on another mobile device to check if it works. Also try wiping the card itself with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Check that there is no dust or other debris in the SIM card tray hole. Gently wipe the socket and make sure that the clip is not damaged.

Make sure that Airplane mode is not accidentally activated, which turns off the mobile connection. Also, make sure that the problem is not related to a network failure.

Make sure that the SIM card is enabled in the device settings. Go to Settings > “Mobile network” and make sure the SIM card is enabled and data roaming is activated.

It is also important to know that after a few years of use the chip loses contacts and stops working properly. Therefore, you should periodically contact your operator, the phone store where cards of this operator are sold and update it without losing the number, it takes no more than half an hour and is not too expensive.

Clearing the application cache can help solve the problem . This can be done using other programs or built-in functions. After clearing the cache, reboot your device.

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