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The Pentagon is implementing 5G technology to preserve classified military information

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Pentagon implements 5G technology to preserve classified military information

The US Department of Defense is actively exploring the integration of proprietary and open technologies to support the implementation of 5G and FutureG initiatives, focusing on the ORAN open architecture. At the TechNet Cyber ​​conference in Baltimore, Pentagon representatives discussed opportunities for public, private and hybrid networks. Officials emphasized the need for highly secure networks for national security, especially in remote war zones, where wireless network infrastructure is often lacking.

The Ministry recommends using Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN) for private networks, which provide greater control over information exchange. According to Juan Ramirez, director of the 5G Cross-Functional Team at the Pentagon, there may be requirements to support the ORAN architecture in the coming years, depending on budget opportunities.

However, private networks are not always the optimal solution. In areas with existing infrastructure, there is no need to create new private networks if the existing ones meet the requirements. But in places without adequate coverage, it is more expedient to use private networks to ensure communication.

In view of the growing geopolitical tension between China and the US in the Taiwan Strait, such solutions become especially relevant. The Pentagon is considering ORAN to provide communications in all conditions. This will allow disparate providers to operate as a single network and provide greater flexibility for scaling.

The Pentagon is actively promoting the study of ORAN while working toward standard deployment of 5G at military facilities and "smart bases". < The agency's 2024 budget requests $143 billion for research, development and testing of advanced technologies, including 5G and artificial intelligence. . The Office of the Minister of Defense plays a key role in this process.

Natasha Kumar

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