The Pentagon accused Russia of developing biological weapons

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Pentagon accused Russia of developing biological weapons

Illustrative photo from open sources

Pentagon&nbsp accuses Russia and North Korea of ​​supporting active programs to create offensive biological weapons. This is stated in the report on the state of defense against biological threats.

The US Department of Defense reports that China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are likely to continue to create deadly toxins and pathogens. 

Advances in both synthetic biology and peptide synthesis may allow nations to develop a wide range of new toxins.

Disinformation about public health has been evident throughout of the entire COVID-19 pandemic and continued after Russia began hostilities in Ukraine in 2022.

The Pentagon notes that Russia has not fully acknowledged the continuation of Soviet bioweapons development programs, has not provided evidence of their curtailment, and continues to cover up dual-use biological research.

The review also notes that the US military is at a critical juncture in the field of biological defense. The military must "act quickly and decisively" to deal with the development of biological weapons and other catastrophic events, including pandemics.

The document also highlights the growing threat from Iran and militant extremist organizations.

< p>Earlier BAGNET reported that Bill Gates warned about the possibility of a new pandemic in the next 20 years.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga