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The path to happiness begins with simple things: telling the details

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

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You can become happier today without making any serious efforts. Just focus on what brings you joy and satisfaction.

This is what the Psychological Support platform on Telegram says.

People often postpone the pursuit of happiness for later, thinking that it will come only after achieving big goals: buying real estate, getting married, having a child, changing careers, achieving success, etc.

In fact, moments of true happiness are usually associated with simple things.< /strong>

1. Remember what made you happy before

A person often forgets what brought him joy in the past, when he did not yet think about big dreams. It could be regular meetings with friends, a favorite weekend hobby or a morning coffee before work. Remember such moments from your life. Add these moments to your days now.

2. Control your happiness

It is important for a person to get used to the idea that he can feel good even under non-ideal conditions. Psychotherapy will help with this. The therapist helps a person to be happy with what he already has in his life. The specialist will draw the client's attention to the positive experience he already has, and will also teach him how to deal with negative moments.

3. You can learn to be happy on your own

There is such a useful technique that you can try yourself:

  • Remember a time in your life when you were happy.
  • What exactly brought joy? For example, playing football on weekends, dancing, hiking in the mountains or attending music concerts.
  • Think about what you can bring back into your life? What can you do now, at least in a slightly different format? Do it.

The path to happiness starts with simple things: we tell you the details


Don't deny yourself the pleasure of being happy today.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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