The parties are finalizing their answers to Orpo – SDP is particularly interested in the answers to the EU question

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In the opinion of Leena Mere, the vice-president of Basic Finns, it is premature if someone locks a party out of the government base. -is-especially-interested-in-the-answers-to-the-eu-question-df27c24.jpg” alt=”The parties are finalizing their answers to Orpo – the SDP is particularly interested in the answers to the EU question” />

Mikko Kortelainen, Secretary General of the Coalition parliamentary group (left ), chairman Petteri Orpo and parliamentary group chairman Kai Mykkänen held a press conference after the coalition had given its questions to the other parties. Henri Kärkkäinenhannamari.ahonen@iltalehti.fiToday at 16:24

  • According to SDP vice-chairman Matias Mäkynen, difficult questions for basic Finns had been left out of the survey questions.
  • Also according to RKP parliamentary group chairman Anders Adlercreutz, climate change and humanitarian immigration had been avoided in the questions.
  • Basic Finns vice-chairman Leena Meri emphasizes that the coalition leads and matters are resolved.

The parliamentary parties have written their answers over the weekend, government expert Petteri Orpo's (cook) questions. On Monday, the answers were further refined and deepened, so that they will be ready by the deadline, i.e. by noon on Tuesday.

Basic Finns' vice-president Leena Meri does not want to comment on the preparation of the Basic Finns' answers.


What does Meri think of RKP chairperson Anna-Maja Henrikssonabout the comments that a government formed by the SDP and the coalition would be preferable to the RKP than a government formed by the coalition and basic Finns?

According to Mere, all parties are of course speculating on what would be the best possible basis for a government for them .

– With the leadership of the coalition, we will see and things are decisive here, and not, for example, what form of government RKP would like. Of course, RKP can have its own views and wishes, but in the world you don't always get everything you want. If someone locks a party out at this stage, it will be premature.

Swedish language was not asked

– We have an extensive election program and political preparation , so the working groups have been working on material for government program negotiations for six months already. None of the questions were terribly surprising, SDP vice-chairman Matias Mäkynen says.

Mäkynen agrees with the assessments of those researchers who think that questions difficult for basic Finns should have been left out of the probing questions and that the coalition would be moving primarily towards the bourgeois alternative.

– It is also related to the formulation of the questions. The climate commitment was written more loosely and broadly than the economic commitments. It was even surprising, but a clear line from the coalition.

According to Mäkynen, the fact that there was no question about the Swedish language also leaves room for negotiation for the RKP-Perusfuomalaiset situation.

– There are almost no questions about humanitarian immigration and development aid, which are perhaps questions where the basic Finns and the RKP line have something to reconcile.

What the coalition itself answers ?

Mäky is particularly interested in what answers come from EU politics. He is also interested in how the coalition itself answers the questions.

– The EU section is formulated more openly so that it leaves room for basic Finns to describe on a general level without creating a contradiction. It is enough that Perussuomalaiset says that they do not want to leave the EU in the coming period.

Mäkynen estimates that the negotiations will first be carried forward on the basis of a bourgeois government.

– Our assessment is the same as before the elections, that if the coalition or Basic Finns win the elections, then a conservative right-wing government will be the primary option. I think it still is.

The orphan is finally caught

According to Mäkynen, however, SDP is seriously on the move in government consultations and is fully involved in the process.

According to Mäkynen the role of the coalition is the biggest.

– If the coalition invites basic Finns, Christians and the RKP to Säätytalo, I don't think any party will miss going there. Yes, it is ultimately up to Orpo, and not any other party.

“Topics avoided”

According to the chairman of the RKP parliamentary group Anders Adlercreutz, the first versions of the answers have been written and they will be specified on Monday.

– The questions were pretty basic, although certain topics were avoided a little. Climate change is dealt with quite a bit and energy issues are not addressed. The EU is treated superficially, and humanitarian immigration is not ignored except by asking about Finland's commitment to international agreements.

According to Adlercreutz, it is precisely these less emphasized themes where the RKP is close to the Kokomun and the SDP and further away from basic Finns.

– It is difficult to tackle economic challenges if you do not stick to a solid long line on these issues.

KD praises the battery of questions

The Christian Democrats' party board met on Saturday and according to party chairman Sari Essayah, the answers were well received.

– The questions were good and versatile. , especially questions related to economic recovery and social and health care and services for the elderly, raising agricultural issues and crisis preparedness. Good radiator.

According to Essayah, KD has not ruled out parties with whom it would not like to cooperate with the government, but the program decides.