the particular response of the coach of Bologna about Boca’s interest in Gary Medel

    the particular response of the coach of Bologna about Boca’s interest in Gary Medel

    “I answer you in Spanish,” he said. Sinisa Mihajlovic before the queries that ADN made him at the press conference prior to the duel of the Bologna frente at Inter, which will be played this Saturday at 3:45 pm.

    The DT of the box Red Blue referred to the physical state of Gary Medel, who presented discomfort in a twin that will prevent him from being present in the duel against the team of his compatriots Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez.

    It was also consulted about Boca Juniors’ interest in the “Pitbull”, a team in which he was active between 2009 and early 2011. In recent months various versions have emerged about the intention of the Xeneize cast to bring Medel back to South America.

    The press conference in which Sinisa Mihajlovic spoke about Gary Medel. Photo: ADN.CL

    This was the dialogue between ADN and the Bologna coach:

    – Hello, Sinisa. I am a Chilean journalist, forgive me for the Italian.

    – But we can speak in Spanish. I answer you in Spanish ”.

    – Is there no problem for colleagues here?

    – No problem (laughs). I get it”.

    – How is Gary Medel? After the game with Chile, did you arrive well? He played 90 minutes, did you see? He played as a defender, not as a midfielder. In South America there has been a lot of talk about Boca Juniors’ interest in Medel. I don’t expect an answer about him transfer market, but I do know how important Medel is in your project here in Bologna.

    – Medel when he is physically well, and when he is well in his head, is essential. But you must be fine physically and mentally. When he’s not, I have my doubts about him.

    – Mentally in what sense, Sinisa?

    – Medel for us is an important player, but he must be good in those two things, which are fundamental. If he is not good at this, he is a normal gamer. And when a normal player is not well, perhaps it is necessary to handle it better.

    “I am happy because he has played a complete game with Chile, he did not do it for a long time. He came back happy. Now, we already have a team that is playing and doing well. Gary can be a defender or also a midfielder, as he did throughout his career, in the next games he will be a player who will give us a hand ”.

    “He will surely have the chance to play, I am sure, he just has to train well and behave well and his chance will come. He is a player with enormous experience, not only for Bologna, in all the teams he has been to and in his country ”.

    – And about Boca’s interest?

    – And about Boca, I told him to bring me the shirt with the 11 and the shorts too, because I would like to play paddle tennis (a type of tennis), because I like the Boca shirt. I don’t know if he’s going to Boca or not. I know his friend Riquelme (Juan Román, current vice president of the club) is there. They are very friendly.

    – It has been said that Riquelme called him …

    – Yes, he probably called him about my shirt. And for the short. That is what they have to talk about. I hope I get the shirt and shorts to wear on the court to go to play. (Nicolás) Burdisso had given me a Boca shirt, but without a number. It’s another thing, that was my son.

    the particular response of the coach of Bologna about Boca’s interest in Gary Medel

    Gary Medel with the Boca Juniors jersey. Photo: Getty Images

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