The participant of “The Bachelorette” Andriy Ribak made friends

The participant of “The Bachelorette” Andriy Ribak made friends

Participant “Bachelorette” Andriy Rybak became friends

Ukrainian showman and participant reality show “Bachelorette” Andriy Ribak made friends. Kohana Alina became Yogo’s image, with such a vein growing a sprat of rock, zokrema to the cob of the project. The urochististi was celebrated on the 20th of sickle.

Stills from the ceremony of Ribak's friendship were published on Instagram-stories. The party took place in Kiev on the back of a penthouse (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

“Best day! The best squad! Full Bouquet”, the showman wrote.

The names were given to the black suit and the white shirt, and the chosen one chose the laconic white cloth with the open back. Vaughn didn’t wear a veil, but rather dressed up in style.

There were friends among the guests relatives of the bet, as well as other participants in the show.

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As you know, when you came to the Ribak project, you knew the heroine of the show Xenia Mishino, that you have a girl, but stating that these girls are not too serious, that’s why I’ve got into the heart of the actress. The showman repeatedly witnessed the actors at the kohanna. Ale Zirka said goodbye to him, declaring that she was watching, that she was coming around.


Koli “Bachelorette” ended, Rybak said that Alina had been checking the turn for the whole hour. So the couple got’ended.