The pact between Marc Márquez and Honda: “Our idea was to be absent”

The current champion and his team agree to rest this Friday and reappear on Saturday just to test himself.

The pact between Marc Márquez and Honda:

«Everyone remembers that in 2013 Jorge Lorenzo broke his collarbone on a Friday at Assen, he went to Barcelona for surgery and came back to finish fifth in the race, but not so many people remember that in the next test at Sachsenring, he went back to falling down, the plate they had put on him bent and he let the World Championship slip away ”, recalls a Repsol Honda member and his story serves as an argument: Marc Márquez is looking forward to racing this Sunday in Jerez, but his team hopes him to rest. Will the benefit outweigh all the risk? Theirs wonder, but the six-time MotoGP champion cannot be denied the impulses.

This Thursday, less than 48 hours after undergoing surgery in Barcelona for a fracture of the right humerus, Márquez returned by private plane to the Jerez circuit, where he had crashed on Sunday. They say that when he left the operating room and his traumatologist, Dr. Xavier Mir , confirmed that his radial nerve was intact and that he had only needed a titanium plate and several screws to fix his shoulder, the Honda leader already claimed to run. Then his environment summoned him to the first rehabilitation session on Wednesday and a little later they invited him to speak with those responsible for Honda, but neither the pain of the first movements nor the caution of the Japanese leaders of the brand slowed his momentum.

The agreement now is as follows: Márquez will rest this Friday, will not participate in the first two training sessions, and will reappear this Saturday in the third to test himself. As he has agreed with his teams, if he cannot run at an optimal pace, or suffers a scare, or the pain in his right shoulder increases, he will not run Sunday's race. Only if everyone, the driver and the bosses, is 100% convinced, will he look for a good position on the grid on the same Saturday at noon and he will play it the next day.

“He will always want to run”

“Our idea was to absent ourselves from this race and try to get to Brno in two weeks. But we understood Marc's wish, we received the approval of the doctors and we reached this agreement. On Saturday Marc will test himself and, if it is too risky, he has already understood that our idea continues to be to be absent from this race, ”acknowledged yesterday the Repsol Honda director, Alberto Puig , who had to bring back the mechanics of the current champion of his houses and ordered his brother Alex's mechanics to set up the garage.

«It is going to be a difficult training. The good news is that there is not much to work on. The set-up, the tires, everything is the same as last week, the only thing to test is the condition of Marc's shoulder. But it will be a difficult training session because he will always want to race and we will see what happens », trusted a member of his team who, like the rest of his environment, did not want to assess how far Marquez can go if he disputes in Sunday's race. A week ago he was by far the fastest on the Jerez track, but now the goal may only be for him to save a few points and return home ready to continue his rehabilitation.

Due to the protocol against the coronavirus, journalists cannot enter the circuit and Márquez resigned this Thursday to participate in the official virtual press conference, but dedicated a few words to the official media on the way to his motorhome. “I'm not bad. We'll see how it goes during the day. I hope I can run, “he commented before his brother Alex acted as his spokesperson again:” He has come to test himself and be calm with his interior because he looked good. If you look good and stay at home, you always have the question: 'What would have happened?' So let's see how it is done ». It will take a day for the unknown around Márquez to clear up while his family frets.

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