The owner of Twitter's San Francisco headquarters sued Elon Musk for not paying rent

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Warned that the new owner of the platform has not paid the last two invoices

The owner of Twitter's San Francisco headquarters sued Elon Musk for not paying rent

File photo of Elon Musk, owner of Twitter and CEO of Tesla (Patrick Pleul/Reuters)

The owner of Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco (California, United States) sued Elon Musk's company for not paying the rent, a complaint that thus adds to a list of legal battles that the platform has faced since the billionaire bought the social network last year.

The owner of the eight-story building, SRI Nine Market Square LLC, alleged in a lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court that Twitter has failed to pay its last two bills — one in December and one in January — each worth $3 million.

Musk took over Twitter in late October for $44 billion, financed in part by the company taking on debt of approximately $13 billion.

The billionaire has sought to cut costs at Twitter since he took over, one of his first moves was to lay off 3,700 employees; According to the CNBC portal, the company has disposed of 80% of its employees, through layoffs or voluntary departures, since Musk's arrival and now has only 1,300 employees.

< p class="paragraph">Last week, Twitter auctioned off your company's furniture, machines and decorations, among other things. A neon sign with a Twitter bird logo sold for around $100,000.

The owner of the headquarters Twitter in San Francisco sued Elon Musk for not paying rent

File photo: A vintage streetcar passes the Twitter headquarters on Market Street in San Francisco (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)

However, the social network has lost many of its advertisers since the change of command and the idea of ​​a paid subscription to use Twitter has not been the success that Musk anticipated.

Other companies, such as a provider of software and a shipping company have also sued Twitter alleging non-payments.

In addition, an owner of another Twitter office space in San Francisco sued in December to the social network for the same reason.

On the other hand, last Friday Elon Musk took the stand in the civil trial for fraud promoted against him by Tesla investors who accuse him of millions in losses as a result of a tweet he published in 2018, and denied that there is a “causal relationship” between his messages and the value stock market of the company.

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