The Order season 2 : release date announced by Netflix

The Order saison 2 : la date de sortie dévoilée par Netflix

The Order renewed for a season 2

“More needs to howl at the moon, The Order comes back.” After unveiling the release date of season 2 of Umbrella Academy, and The Politician, Netflix has unveiled this Wednesday 20 may 2020 one of the season 2 of The Order ! Small clue : the month of June promises to be already loaded ! Attention, spoilers !

It is a month of June fully loaded, which is waiting for us on Netflix ! After season 4 of Supergirl, the season’s final 13 Reasons Why, the first part of season 4, Rick and Morty, season 5 of Queer Eye, or even the season 2 of The Politician, the video platform has just unveiled the release date of season 2 of The Order, which will return on the 18th of June next, in less than a month ! “More needs to howl at the moon, The Order returns.”, announces the platform of videos.

That is what we can expect for season 2 of the Order ?

Bet online on march 7, 2019, the season 1 of the series carried by Jake Manley (Jack) and Sarah Grey (Alyssa) had suffered a lot of criticism, whether it be about the storyline, characters, editing or the mix between magic, werewolves, and creatures… Despite the negative feedback, Netflix decided all the same to give a sequel to the series created by Dennis Heaton with 10 new episodes.

If you have not finished watching season 1, don’t go any further in reading this article becauseit contains spoilers. While Alyssa had erased the memory of Jack so that he forgets the existence of the secret society called the Order and their relationship, what will happen to them ? Jack will he remember something ? Are they going to start a new relationship or will we follow their adventures separately ? There are no more long to wait to find out !

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