The Order season 2-creator reveals how he had the idea of guests of Beverly Hills 90210

The Order saison 2 : le créateur révèle comment il a eu l'idée des guests de Beverly Hills 90210

The Order season 2 : the creator explains how he got the idea to put Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills 90210 in guests

In season 2 of the Order, fans were able to discover guests to Beverly Hills 90210 : Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering. But how the creator had thought to bring them to play these scenes very funny in the series for Netflix ? Dennis Heaton has told how he got the idea and how it went on the shoot. Attention spoilers !

Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering in The Order season 2

Attention spoilers ! In season 2 of the Order available on Netflix, there are three guests of the flagship series of the 1990s. James Marsters, aka Spike on Buffy against the vampires, embodies Xavier, the leader of the Sons of Prometheus (another secret society of magic). And in episode 8 of season 2 called The virus enchanted, 2nd part, two of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 appear as : Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering. Those who were respectively Brandon Walsh and Steve Sanders are showing a lot of self-deprecating humor in their scenes.

In the new season of the show Netflix, Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering play versions fictional to themselves. It is discovered that they are part of the celebrities secretly members of the Order sealed of the blue rose. This would be the same with the secret society as their hit series in the nineties has seen the light of day ! And while Jason Priestley dies of a virus magic, Ian Ziering, who made the wish to be rich and famous his whole life, turns into Jason Priestley.

This is how came the idea to bring in these guests

The creator of The Order has not only responded to the death of an important character in season 2, but was also entrusted with his idea of bringing the actors of Beverly Hills 90210. Dennis Heaton has confessed to TV Insider that he thought of these guests at a dinner held in conjunction with the Comic Con. The teams of The Order and Van Helsing were present. “While we were discussing what we had planned for season 2, we had always in mind this joke dating back to the season 1 : ‘What the stars may well be part of the Order ?'” he said to himself, “And I thought to myself that it would be funny to reveal that the very existence of Beverly Hills was due to the secret society” the Order sealed of the blue rose.

“We have a lot of fun with it, I am delighted that they have been starters for this joke” said Dennis Heaton, “We have taken” in Vancouver for the filming “and we told the team that if someone published a picture of them together, it would be necessary to take them on the field and sacrifice them”. And the creator would even make it back one of the two actors in season 3 of The Order : “Now that Jason Priestley is part of our universe, why does the waving good-it is not ?”.

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