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The three opposition spokespersons were accompanied by representatives of community groups during their press conference.

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Worried about being imposed a gag order to accelerate the adoption of the reform intended to make Quebec's health system more efficient, the three opposition parties in the National Assembly agreed Thursday to reframe the debate on the study of the bill 15 from the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

Bill 15 is the second largest and [most] substantial bill in Quebec's legislative history, said MP Guillaume Cliche- Rivard, from Québec solidaire. The National Assembly asks the government to allow the regular adoption of Bill 15, without imposing an exceptional procedure.

At his side, the spokesperson for the official Liberal opposition on health, André Fortin, maintained that this is a reform written much too quickly where we find errors, oversights, [problems] and typos that can have an impact on workers and patients.

It must be said that frictions have appeared Tuesday when Mr. Fortin wanted to table an amendment at the end of a day of detailed study in committee.

If the member for Pontiac sees fit to make an amendment, it will be his choice. […] I find it unfortunate to do that if it is his choice, said Minister Dubé impatiently.

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Since the start of the commission, we have offered excellent collaboration, you “you repeated this morning, so I'm not going to apologize for tabling an amendment and you don't have to say that it's unfortunate to tabulate an amendment,” André Fortin replied.

The two weeks are going to be long if we are going to operate like that […], if you are to say that it is unfortunate because it takes a little more time than the game plan that you have put in place.

A quote from Liberal MP André Fortin, November 28, 2023

For his part, the spokesperson for the Parti Québécois on health matters, Joël Arseneau, judged that the minister should not be unanimously against him and that it ends in a fish tail. , even if the bill is adopted in a few months.

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The Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé, is counting on the collaboration of the opposition parties for the study of the 1180 articles of his bill on the efficiency of the health network.

As of Wednesday, members of the Health and Human Services Committee had adopted 620 of the 1,180 sections of the bill as well as 402 amendments.

Minister Dubé did not rule out the use of a gag order on Thursday, however adding this: The opposition has demonstrated that we can work together. I remain confident.

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