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The One Piece: WIT announces these two changes compared to the Toei series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Announced For several months now,The One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated anime of the year. À a few months after its release, WIT has just announced two important changes compared to; the anime produced by Toei Animation.

The One Piece: WIT announces these two changes compared to the Toei series

À what will Netflix's The One Piece series look like?

À the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the animeOne Piece, the broadcast of which began in In October 1999, Netflix announced a reboot of the anime titledThe One Piece. The red N platform collaborates with the legendary Japanese studio WIT STUDIO, at which we owe several cult anime such asAttack on Titan,Vinland Sagaor even more recentlySpy x Family< /em>. An announcement that proves Netflix's motivation to become a giant of Japanese animation.

The One Piece: WIT announces these two changes compared to the Toei series

If at like the animation series that we mentioned above; At the moment, we can probably expect a very high quality animation – WIT STUDIO no longer has to prove yourself in this area -,to; what could this new series look like? One Piece? À During an interview given to the Japanese media Real Sound, the president of the company George Waeda – he also heads Production I.G. – gave some indications on the anime come

The One Piece was designed as a gateway for those who are unfamiliar with anime. Young people who are used to anime. Watching cartoons today due to technological innovations may have difficulty. Watch footage from 25 years ago, when the animeOne Piecebegan. à to be broadcast, because it was in a different format [in the 4:3 format, Editor's note]. Toei Animation also told us: “ Please do your best, and we will continue to do so. working hard on the last few episodes.”

The One Piece: WIT announces these two changes compared to the Toei series

But the renunciation of the 4:3 format will not be the only innovation of the The One Piece seriescompared to the Toei series.Also agreeing that the number of episodes ofOne Piece may discourage some spectators from embarking on this adventure strong>, that of The One Piece should also be reduced, in order to make the series more accessible. We can therefore expect a seriesOne Piece partly sharing the philosophy ofDragon Ball Z Kai. It will be interesting to see if Netflix's bet, WIT STUDIO and Eiichiro Oda will convince newbies to jump into The One Piece, and longtime fans will also watch this new animated series. /p>

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