The Ombudsman spoke about the ceasefire: “While the State acts in good faith, the illegal armed groups seek a way to expand”

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Carlos Camargo emphasized the importance of the Government giving clear guidelines on how to act from the public force in case any of structures violate the agreement

Defender of Pueblo spoke about the ceasefire: “While the State acts in good faith, the illegal armed groups look for a way to expand”

Carlos Camargo referred to the risks that the bilateral cessation could have in areas of armed conflict: Ombudsman's Office

Before the end of 2022, the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro< /b>, announced the ceasefire with some armed groups, the news went down well with some sectors, especially those who support the project of Total Peace< /b>; however, this has brought questioning, since it is considered that up to now no clear parameters have been set, both for the behavior of the State in certain situations such as the commitment acquired by illegal structures.

Ombudsman spoke about the ceasefire: “While the State acts in good faith, illegal armed groups seek a way to expand”

Government and ELN will have emergency meeting in CaracasThe meeting will be on Tuesday, January 17 and will be attended by at least two delegates from the Colombian Government and one more from the subversive group


In this sense, the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, he spoke out and expressed his concern, because despite the fact that in the decrees the institution he directs was not left as a verification mechanism, the essence of the Ombudsman is this and in the first 15 days of the year they have been able to observe some irregularities and violations of the human rights in conflict zones by the armed groups.

According to what the official stated, despite understanding the decisions the government has made and its desire to move forward , has several doubts regarding the commitment of the armed groups:

“While the State is acting in good faith, accepting the issue of a negotiation process and dialog, the Illegal armed groups are looking for a way to see how they expand and how they consolidate their drug trafficking routes and all illicit activities. Therefore, the Public Forces must act vehemently because the civilian population cannot continue to be at permanent risk,” Camargo said in an interview with the Colombian media, El Tiempo.

The defender explained that, despite the fact that the cessation is between the State and them, one of the risks occurs because in several areas of the country these groups continue to dispute each other over territorial and social control, routes drug trafficking and the development of illegal mining and smuggling activities; which could generate scenarios of violation of the rights of populations and their inhabitants.

Ombudsman spoke about the ceasefire: “As long as the State acts in good faith , illegal armed groups are looking for a way to expand & rdquo;

Weapons from criminal groups were melted down to make social housingThe public-private initiative has been in progress since 2018 and four houses have already been built with this material in Boyacá


On that line, Carlos Camargo called on the Government and questioned directly the actions of the armed forces in situations that require their intervention; For example, in areas where there is a presence of the ELN and Dissidents, in the case of the former I do not accept the dismissal, but in the case of the latter I do.

“What is the constitutional function of the Public Forces?: protect the life, honor and property of all citizens. And they must do it with both offensive and defensive actions. Dealing with each of these situations of violation of human rights. It is the humble opinion that I can give. The situation is still very confusing for them. If a soldier or a policeman ends up shooting at a dissident party, or 'Nueva Marquetalia', or 'Gulf clan' to defend the population, , or 'Pachenca', who guarantees that tomorrow they won't accuse him of having violated the bilateral ceasefire?” added the defender.

 The Ombudsman spoke about the ceasefire: “While the State acts in good faith, the illegal armed groups seek a way to expand”

Guaviare Prosecutor's Office requests answers for cases of sexual exploitation of indigenous minors “paragraph”>On the other hand, he spoke of the work being done by the Ombudsman's Office and the problems they see in conflict zones, because despite early warning instruments and real-time reports that have been consolidated, attention from the authorities is still deficient.

“Our paper is not from today, it comes from yesterday. We have the protocols ready, we have been monitoring all situations. But this issue of local and regional order authorities is also very important (I don't want to mess with the national ones), which are relaxed in the face of recommendations; they have to take action on the matter and attend to the recommendations,” Camargo pointed out.

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