The oil reserves in the USA increased during the period from may 15 to may 22 at 7928 thousand barrels, gasoline fell to 724 thousand barrels

Запасы нефти в США выросли за период с 15 мая по 22 мая на 7928 тыс. баррелей, бензина - упали на 724 тыс. баррелей

Commercial oil inventories in the U.S. last week rose 7928 thousand barrels – up to 534,422 million barrels, according to the weekly report of the U.S. Department of energy.

Inventories of gasoline decreased by 724 thousand barrels and amounted to 255 million barrels, according to Bloomberg.

Commercial distillate stocks rose 5495 thousand barrels to 164,327 million barrels.

Experts interviewed by Bloomberg, expected a decline of oil reserves, million barrels 1911, the growth of petroleum reserves by 150 thousand barrels increase in distillates for 2500 thousand barrels.

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