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The office of the mayor of Sherbrooke contradicted by that of Geneviève Guilbault

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Sherbrooke city hall. (Archive photo)


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The vice-office Premier of Quebec and Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault, contradicts that of the mayor of Sherbrooke after the resignation of councilor Marc Denault from his positions as president of the Société de transport de Sherbrooke and president of the Transport Association urban area of ​​Quebec.

Remember that Marc Denault resigned with a bang, giving as a reason a lack of respect and trust on the part of Mayor Évelyne Beaudin after not being invited to a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault.

According to Marc Denault, the mayor's chief of staff, Steve Roy, justified this decision by citing the need to hold the meeting with Évelyne Beaudin and a restricted group, and indicated that this request had been made by the minister's office. of Transportation

Mark. Ms. Guilbault’s entourage insisted on meeting Évelyne only. I don't know if their goal is to divide, I have no idea. You and Évelyne are 100% aligned on the file, that [does] not worry me. The last thing I want is to create a bickering here. We want the same thing, no one doubts your credibility or your strength. This is perhaps even what some fear, wrote Steve Roy to Marc Denault in a message sent Monday which was shared with Radio-Canada by the two interlocutors. In this message, he also tells the advisor if I insulted you, I apologize and suggest a meeting during the day or the next day.

In the same conversation, Steve Roy also says I wanted you to be there, but they insisted on limiting the number of people around the table. Marc Denault then asked to prepare documents related to his resignation.

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However, the office of the Minister of Transport affirmed Thursday that it has not issued any requirement related to the number of participants in the meeting, nor any request that it take place only with the mayor.

Despite this statement from the minister's team, Steve Roy continued to describe the situation as a misunderstanding Thursday in an interview with Radio-Canada.

He specifies that the meeting with the minister was planned last summer and that it was postponed. He also indicates that Marc Denault was not excluded, but that he was not invited since it was clear, according to him, that the meeting was only organized for the mayor, the minister and certain civil servants.

The cabinet never asked that Mr. Denault not be present. He was never invited, it was always agreed that it would be a meeting between Ms. Beaudin and Ms. Guilbault only. Mr. Denault was not invited, and neither were any other advisors. In terms of efficiency, it’s a fairly traditional way of doing things, he emphasizes.

Steve Roy also adds that he and the mayor wanted to discuss in person with Marc Denault to resolve the situation and that he did not did not respond to their invitations.

It happened within 12 hours for him to decide to resign, don't speak not to me or to Ms. Beaudin, holds his press conference and that it happens on the day of Ms. Beaudin's return, I find that very special. I'm not sure that the famous meeting was really the center, the crux of the problem. I don't know, I'm not going to attribute any intentions to him, but I find it very special.

A quote from Steve Roy, chief of staff at Sherbrooke town hall

In a text message shared by Steve Roy, mayor Évelyne Beaudin, who returned at city hall on Tuesday after several months of work stoppage, invites Marc Denault to lunch to discuss the situation. I would have liked to talk today, but I'm really racing and I want to be able to give you my full attention, she says in this invitation. Unfortunately, it’s urgent as Steve surely told you, replies the advisor.

As for Marc Denault, he considers that the minister's exit puts a lid on the pot and he wants to turn the page.

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