The occupiers set up a torture chamber for employees at the ZNPP – Truth Hounds

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The occupiers set up a torture chamber for ZNPP employees, – Truth Hounds

Illustrative photo from open sources

Since the beginning of the occupation of Energodar and the ZNPP, the Russian occupying forces have been conducting a systematic campaign of abductions, tortures and murders of the station's employees.

This is evidenced by the investigation of Ukrainian international crime investigators Truth Hounds.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, since March 2022, the Russians detained and tortured about a thousand people in Energodar. There is at least one confirmed case when a station employee was tortured to death — this is Andriy Goncharuk, who worked as a diver.

Currently, it is known about a whole network of illegal prisons at the ZNPP and in Energodar, where civilians are subjected to torture, including beatings, electric shocks, strangulation, simulated executions, threats of rape, etc. The Russians are holding dozens of people in overcrowded, small cells designed for 2-4 people.

Witnesses interviewed by Truth Hounds report that Rosatom employees usually did not directly participate in the torture, but without their knowledge it “would have been impossible”. All this happened during working hours and on such a scale that it could not help but affect the work of ZANP units.

Employees of the Russian Atomic Corporation, together with officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation, held massive “conversations with ZANP employees”. They wanted to intimidate the station's workers and force them to sign new labor contracts with “Rosatom”.

Earlier BAGNET reported that in August it became known that the Russians had kidnapped the head of the turbine shift department of Serhiy Spartesny's operational unit.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga