The occupiers continue to be squeezed out of the Ukrainian Crimea

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The occupiers continue to be squeezed out of Ukrainian Crimea

On September 20, around 12:00, eyewitnesses saw smoke near the coast in the city Inkerman

Local Telegram channels noted that the main oil depot of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is located there, where millions of tons of fuel are stored.

And propaganda channels reported explosions in Sevastopol, namely in the Belbek area , where the airport is located. Some Russian propagandists write about a “repulsed attack”.

Black smoke was also noticed between the northern side of Sevastopol and Inkerman.

The so-called “Sevastopol governor” Razvozhaev initially stated that the drone fell on the territory of the vineyard, and the smoke arose simply because the grass caught fire. Subsequently, he already wrote in Telegram about the “repelled missile attack”.

Later, the representative of the GUR, Andriy Yusov, confirmed to “Kanal 24” missile attack on locations of deployment of Russian equipment in occupied Crimea. According to him, a complex of actions by the Ukrainian security and defense forces is ongoing, and strikes on enemy targets in Crimea have taken place. The details will be released later by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych