The occupiers are preparing to mobilize the residents of Crimea

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The occupiers are preparing to mobilize the residents of Crimea

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russians plan to mobilize up to 30 thousand people and call up to 10 thousands of conscripts, reports the Presidential Representation in ARC.

"The occupation administration opens mobilization points right on the central embankment. One of them is already actively “working”. in Alushta. This is due to the fact that the Russians are preparing a new wave of mobilization in the occupied Crimea, the report says. conduct meetings and briefings. Summonses will be handed out accompanied by police officers or the Russian Guard. Special attention will be paid to the so-called “bowers”. The occupiers plan to mobilize up to 30,000 people and call up up to 10,000 conscripts.

It is also said that the invaders continue to distribute the occupied Ukrainian lands to the Russian military, behind which long queues are created. With this in mind, the occupation administration decided to launch a section on the website with a single register of land grants, where you can find everything about the illegal appropriation of Ukrainian land. Open sources report that there are already 5,091 participants in the war against Ukraine. 447 people have already been notified of the provision of specific land plots.

Also, the occupiers are looking for all possible forms of involving residents of the occupied Crimea to participate in the war against Ukraine.

"Yes, Putin signed a decree, according to which the "operational headquarters" occupied Crimea will be able to “coordinate” the work of military units, as well as to involve citizens in “protection and fight against saboteurs on a voluntary basis”, – informs the Representation. As emphasized, this is another violent method invented by the occupiers to recruit Crimean residents into the ranks of the Russian army.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych