The occupiers are in a hurry to make a new offensive in the war – Lithuanian general

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Occupiers are rushing to make a new offensive in the war, – Lithuanian General

Photo: The Associated Press

Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupshis, said that Russia is in a hurry to carry out a second offensive on the territory of Ukraine in order to take advantage of the “window of opportunity”; before the delivery of heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine. He said this in an interview Guildhall.

According to the lieutenant general, Russia has moved to a total war and a phase when material support and logistics play a key role, due to why the West should realize the inevitability of military support for Ukraine.

After all, now even the blind can see that they are preparing for the next wave of offensive. And they can stop or change their plan only if that they will see that Ukraine has a sufficient amount of equipment, ammunition, weapons and trained personnel.

He also added that it must be borne in mind that Russia has all the conditions to provide its own army with ammunition, tanks, combat vehicles if the war lasts a long time.

Rupshis noted that it is heavy armored vehicles that will play an important role during the war, in connection with which the Russians understand that if they do not launch an offensive now, then at the end of spring it will be too late for them.

I will tell you that inside NATO, at the level of my colleagues thirty Commanders-in-Chief, there is a consensus. Your war – this is our war, we must support Ukraine with all available means.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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