The occupier complained about the shelling of his own (audio)

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The occupant complained about shelling by his own people (audio)

Military rashist in the next interception of the Main Directorate intelligence of the Ministry of Defense talks about the losses of the invaders from the fire of their artillery and tanks.

“We are obliged to go on vacation, but our battalion commander is a pid#rac. The devil is sitting with the company commander, #bat, in the rear, #bany in the mouth. But they don’t let us in, but the military took us away, fuck, they don’t give us back, bitch.

Out of 35 people, we have 11 left. In civilian life I will recognize "Artillery" – according to the #ball, fuck#y, pid#ry #banye. They are for us, #bat, work out, #bany in the mouth, ours. And the tanks, too, for us, bitch, x#yachat gand#ny. Immediately, the 200th boy left ours,” the occupier says.

Composed by: Nina Petrovich

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