The nutritionist called the effective way to reduce cholesterol without drugs

The dietician Michael Ginzburg called an effective way to reduce cholesterol without medication. The medic and his colleagues said in the broadcast that 80% of the substance produced by the liver, the remaining 20% enter the body with food.

Диетолог назвал эффективный способ снизить холестерин без лекарств

A group of experts became the guests of the program “About the main thing”, aired on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Communicating with the host, the doctors told me that cholesterol can be not only harmful, but also useful. This component takes a part in synthesis of vitamins and hormones, improving the condition of blood vessels, however, consider an excess over 5.5 millimole per 1 liter that can harm the body. Cholesterol provokes a dramatic increase of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, hindering the blood flow rate to ensure of blood. Onions and garlic contain bioactive substances, inhibiting the growth of the lipid structures and the development of inflammatory processes in blood vessels.

Doctors recommend to eat dried apples because their fiber is able to bring extreme benefits and to prevent the development of atherosclerosis. About 75 g of the named fruits in dried form lower cholesterol 15-20%, also recommended for tomatoes and oily fish containing omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

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