The number of victims of coronavirus in the world exceeded half a million

Число жертв коронавируса в мире превысило полмиллиона

SYDNEY/BEIJING (Reuters) – the Number of victims of coronavirus worldwide exceeded half a million people on Sunday, according to Reuters estimates. Pandemic, it seems, once again, exacerbated in some countries, while others are still fighting with the first wave.

Respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus, has claimed 501.000 lives, the number of reported cases in the world COVID-19 reached 10.1 million.

Despite the decline in mortality rates in recent weeks, experts in the field of health worry in connection with a record number of new cases of infection in countries such as USA, India and Brazil, as well as new outbreaks in some parts of Asia.

For a disease associated with a coronavirus, every 24 hours to kill more than 4.700 people, according to calculations by Reuters, based on average data from 1 to 27 June.

The U.S. currently accounts for about a quarter of all deaths, according to Reuters. The recent surge in cases of the coronavirus have been most notable in several southern and Western States, which began to emerge from quarantine earlier and more rapidly. The U.S. government on Sunday announced around 44.700 new cases of coronavirus and rising death on 508.

Latin America was second after the North America the region most affected by the pandemic because the number of cases there is growing rapidly and is now ahead indicators of Europe.

Australian authorities on Monday pondered the return to measures of social distancing in some regions after the country reported a record of more than two months the number of new cases of coronavirus.

(Jane Wardell in Sydney and Kate Cadell in Beijing; Translated by Caleb Davis. Editor Marina Bobrova)

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