The number of patients COVID-19 in the world has exceeded 5 million

Число больных COVID-19 в мире превысило 5 млн — the Number of identified cases of coronavirus in Russia again fell below 9 th Thursday, but in the world the number of cases has exceeded 5 million people.
According to the operational headquarters, last night revealed 8849 new cases of coronavirus, of which 42% had no clinical manifestations of the disease. Died, 127 people have been discharged from hospitals 7289 people.

The largest number of cases COVID-19 during the day, was still in Moscow — 2 913. In the suburbs identified 892 infected people in St. Petersburg — 408, in the Krasnoyarsk region — 376 in the Nizhny Novgorod region — 204, in the Sverdlovsk region — 174, in Rostov — 142.

Today in Russia revealed 317 554 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 3099 deaths, recovered 92 681 people.

Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University, in the world, the number of cases amounted to 5 million, 001 thousand 494 people, of whom more than 1.5 million people in the United States.

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