The number of infected with the coronavirus in the world exceeded 5 million in South America, a growing number of cases

Число инфицированных коронавирусом в мире превысило 5 млн, в Ю.Америке растет число случаев

May 21 (Reuters) – the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded in the environment 5 million people, the majority of new cases are registered daily in South America, overtaking the United States and Europe.

This marks a new stage in the spread of the virus, which reached a peak in China in February before you cause large-scale outbreaks in Europe and the United States.

South America accounts for about one third of 91.000 cases of infection, was earlier this week. Europe and the United States separately accounted for slightly more than 20% of cases.

A large number of new cases registered in Brazil, which recently overtook Germany, France and the UK, and was the third the number of infected after the United States and Russia.

Daily infection rates Brazil is second only to the United States.

41 the first case of coronavirus has been identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan on 10 January, and by April 1 was registered in the world 1 million infected. Since then, according to Reuters, every two weeks there are nearly 1 million new cases.

Less than six months in 2020 the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded the annual total number of severe cases of influenza, which, according to the world health organization, ranges from 3 to 5 million.

The pandemic has claimed more than 326.000 lives, although the true figure is believed to be higher because testing is still limited and many countries do not include in the statistics of deaths outside hospitals. More than half of all victims were registered in Europe.

(Lisa Shumaker and Kate Cadell; Translated by Caleb Davis. Editor Dmitry Antonov)

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