The number of deaths from the coronavirus during the day exceeded 230 people

Число смертей от коронавируса за сутки в РФ превысило 230 человек

MOSCOW, may 29 (Reuters) – In recent days in Russia from the coronavirus died, 232 people – the maximum number since the epidemic began, said on Friday, the operational headquarters for the fight against infection.

This is a new record for the number of deaths since the epidemic began – the number of deaths from coronavirus, 174 people, was fixed on Tuesday and Thursday.

For all time, according to official figures, died 4.374 person.

The number of new cases of infection per day was 8.572, the total number infected increased by 2.3% to 387.623.

In Moscow, where the authorities promise to weaken the antiviral action of 1 June, was 2.332 new cases.

(Gleb Stolyarov. Editor Mary Grabar)

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