The nuclear submarine “Prince Vladimir” was released in the White sea change home

Submarine “Prince Vladimir”, which is a strategic cruiser, took to the waters of the White sea with the aim of changing bases. Named APL is part of the Northern fleet of Russia.

АПЛ «Князь Владимир» вышла в Белое море для смены базирования

Nuclear submarine makes first cross-transition in the composition of the fleet. The crew proceeded to the development of new submarines. For several days the team will fulfill the planned tasks within the framework of combat training, to do this, use the White and Barents sea. However, check the operation of control systems and mechanisms of the submarine, and in various modes. Underwater nuclear cruiser came from Severodvinsk to the site of a new home. By the end of this week, the submarine will arrive in Gadzhievo on a permanent base of submarine forces of the Russian Federation.

The nuclear submarine “Prince Vladimir” is a head cruiser of the upgraded project 955A “Borey” and refers to the fourth generation. Submarine equipped with Intercontinental ballistic missile “Bulava” and other efficient weapons. It is anticipated the construction of another six submarines of this project.

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