The novel that inspired the “Virgin River” series

The novel that inspired the “Virgin River” series

Netflix subscribers have fallen for the series Virgin river – so much so that a second season has been announced. With good reason: it’s hard to resist the majestic forests, the picturesque little village and the colorful characters in the series from the novels of Robyn Carr. The writer was inspired by a village in northern California to write this moving and humorous saga, The Virgin River Chronicles.

In the small, isolated village of Virgin River, where the cellular network does not reach and where people fend for themselves, a challenge arises. The doctor is getting older and he needs a helping hand. The community went out of their way to find a nurse and midwife.

Melinda, a young nurse going through mourning after mourning, has decided to take the job, leave Los Angeles, and start her new life.

Arriving at Virgin River is not easy: the cabin we reserved for her is an unnamed slum, the doctor is grumpy, the weather does not cooperate and she questions her choice. Jack Sheridan, a veteran now owner of the local restaurant, tries to convince her to put down her bags for good.

Robyn Carr is very happy with the adaptation. “It’s remarkable, isn’t it? They did a great job! ” she exclaims, in an interview from her home in Las Vegas.

The writer explains that she first wrote the series The Great Valley, then a visit to Mendocino County, California, inspired her. “As people had liked this series, I decided to write another novel, and put it in a more stripped down environment. I went further north to Humboldt County, which is much wilder and more remote than Mendocino County. It’s really the landscape that inspired me. ”

A fertile ground

Robyn Carr intended to write a single book on the subject. “After writing 100 pages, I realized I had enough material for more than a book, if I wanted to. I could talk about the characters’ military backgrounds, and the people who were going there to start their lives over. So I continued. ”

In the novel, the action takes place in the Redwood National Forest, but the series that airs on Netflix was filmed in the Rockies, Canada.

Start from scratch

Several themes are addressed in the novel: mourning, ways to overcome it, the idea of ​​starting from scratch, love between middle-aged people, the work of midwives. “Melinda has been married, she is in mourning for her husband, and she is starting her life anew in a place where no one knows her pain. Then, several feminine themes emerge, through an idyll. ”

Robyn Carr notes that she studied midwifery before becoming a writer. “It inspired me. A midwife has also revised my manuscript, so that I am sure that everything is technically correct. ”

The novel that inspired the “Virgin River” series

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