The Nintendo Switch overtook the PlayStation 4 to become the third best-selling console in history. Can she take first?

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8.23 million consoles were sold last quarter

Nintendo has published its latest financial report, from which, among other things, it became known about the number of Switch consoles sold during the past quarter. And it turned out that this console has already managed to overtake the PlayStation 4 and Game Boy and take third place in the list of the most popular consoles in history. 

Nintendo Switch has surpassed PlayStation 4 to become the third best-selling console in history. Can it take the top spot?

In the lifetime of the Switch, Nintendo has sold 122.55 million of these units. For comparison, the PS4 sold 117.2 million, and the Game Boy, along with the Color version, sold 118.69 million. 

At the same time, the Nintendo DS was in second place with a result of 154 million, and the first Leads the PlayStation 2 with over 155 million. Whether the Switch will be able to catch up with the leaders is unclear, but Nintendo sold 8.23 ​​million of these consoles in the past quarter, which means that at roughly the same sales level, it will take the Switch just a year to take the first place. And since we do not yet have a clear understanding of when the second generation will be released, it is possible that Switch will still be able to lead the rating. 

However, you need to understand that now we are talking about the fourth calendar quarter, when sales are very high. By comparison, Nintendo sold only 3.25 million consoles in its third calendar year, so it's not really about the year the Switch needs to lead. In addition, sales of the set-top box are still falling. A year earlier, the company reported more than 10 million set-top boxes sold in the quarter. 

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