The NHL player Vladislav Gavrikov was named an impressive line of U.S. residents

Vladislav Gavrikov told about moving to the US, and the impressions which he received in this country. In addition, the NHL player called impressive trait of Americans that surprised him.

Игрок НХЛ Владислав Гавриков назвал впечатляющую черту жителей США

Vladislav Gavrikov in the past year made a career step forward, moving to USA, where he became a player of the National hockey League (NHL). The Russian athlete was offered a contract with “Columbus blue Jackets”. He refused and now stands as the defender of the club. Admitted as a hockey player, moving was not a problem for him, because he had often been in the United States on sports collecting. However, he noted one impressive trait of the inhabitants of the state. All of them are welcoming. At the meeting, even while dog walking, they try to ask about the Affairs of the interlocutor and be sure he is smiling.

It is noted, Vladislav Gavrikov 2019 protects the colors of the new team from last year. His best achievement is a gold medal won in the Games in 2018.

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