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The next iPhones will look like old Motorola smartphones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

The next iPhones will look like old Motorola smartphones

Apple seems to be considering the possibility of using a technology that was once promoted by Motorola. 

One of Apple's patents describes the technology of interchangeable modules for the iPhone, which are attached to the back cover of the device using MagSafe. Modules can add additional functionality to the iPhone, and completely different. It can be a powerful speaker, a lens for main cameras or even a glucometer. You can come up with many different options. 

Motorola had a line of Moto Z smartphones with exactly the same concept. Moreover, Motorola released new smartphones of this line for several years, maintaining compatibility with old modules.  

As a result, this idea was abandoned, but in the case of Apple it may be much more successful simply because iPhones sell many times better than Motorola smartphones. By the way, the recent news that future iPhones may become thinner can be related to the possibility of the release of modules, since these same modules will make the devices thicker. Moto Z models, let's recall, were very thin. Of course, as always, the presence of a patent does not mean that the technology will appear on the market. 

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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