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The next installment of the MonsterVerse gets a release date

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Last April, we revealed to you that the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters series had been released. renewed for a season 2, excellent news for fans of the MonsterVerse. And even more recently, the kaiju franchise made another announcement that should delight many, revealing the release date of the next feature film.

The next part of the MonsterVerse gets a release date


The sequel to Godzilla x Kong already announced?

Launched in 2014 with the film Godzilla, the MonsterVerse has since developed well, having produced feature films, but also series, whether live-action or animated. And the latest installment of the franchise, àgrave; know Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom released in April of this year, was released in April this year. a real success since he reaped more than $567 million at the worldwide box office, allowing it to currently position itself at the top of the list. 3rd place on the podium, behind Dune: Part Two and Vice-Versa 2.

A great performance which allows it not only to be the most profitable in the MonsterVerse, but also in the Godzilla franchise. Results which seem to bode well for the future of the MonsterVerse, and this is why Warner Bros., which shares the franchise with Legendary Pictures and Toho, recently gave a release. news regarding future projects, notably revealing the release date of the next MonsterVerse feature film.

The next installment of the MonsterVerse is offers a release date

Indeed, as reported by Variety,the next film in the MonsterVerse, the title of which is still unknown at this time; this day, would already be scheduled for March 2027. Given the release date, we can therefore easily assume that this is it. of the sequel to Godzilla x Kong, since the fans had also had to wait three years between the 2024 film and the previous part, Godzilla vs Kong, released in 2021.

As mentioned; at the start of the article, the MonsterVerse therefore continues its expansion, both on the feature films, but also by producing other projects, including various types of series. We will then think about; the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters series, or even the animated series Skull Island. In any case, one thing is certain, that the kaijus of the MonsterVerse still have a bright future ahead of them.

And to learn more about Godzilla, here is how to legally see Godzilla Minus One.

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