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The next-gen Xbox could get an AI accelerator

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Xbox the next generation may get an AI accelerator

The next generation of Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles will be able to receive a special hardware unit for processing tasks related to artificial intelligence. This is written by Windows Central with reference to its source. The neural computing module can perform some queries related to artificial intelligence. These include the Microsoft SR resolution auto-scaling technology. This will make it possible to remove additional load from the central and graphics processors.

Also, the new Xbox will have a type of Copilot software that will be able to help with the passage of games without the need to be distracted by searching for information on websites. It may be useful for some, but in general, the number of users of such features on Xbox cannot compare to what Android and iOS platforms will offer by default.

The next generation of Microsoft Xbox game consoles may receive a special hardware unit for processing tasks related to artificial intelligence.
It is possible that the developer of this accelerator will be the Qualcomm company, although this is currently unknown. Another option is AMD.

Last week it was reported that Microsoft's next Xbox console will be seriously different from the current generation models. It will be a reference design on the basis of which other manufacturers will be able to create similar gaming devices.

In April, it was reported that the development of an Xbox AI chatbot is underway to automate some tasks. For example, a refund for a purchased game can become automated. It is not known whether this chatbot is related to the Copilot program. A prototype of a virtual assistant with which you can communicate by text and voice is currently being tested. It will allow gamers to get help faster by asking questions in normal spoken language, using information from the Xbox support pages.

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