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The new Sony Xperia flagship smartphone: what awaits users

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

New flagship smartphone Sony Xperia: what awaits users

Recently, leaks of a new Xperia model, which is intended exclusively for the Japanese market, appeared on the network. This came as a surprise, especially given previous predictions from well-known insiders who claimed that Sony would launch just two devices in 2024: the Xperia 1 VI and the Xperia 10 VI. However, new data reveals the presence of another mysterious device.


Two new code designations appeared in the database: XQ-EQ04 and XQ-EQ14. It is assumed that these models belong to the high-end line of Xperia smartphones. However, the most interesting thing is that both codes are most likely intended for the Japanese market.

To to understand why these code designations are associated with Japanese operators, it is worth looking at the traditional Xperia coding system. For example, the Xperia 1 VI model has the following code numbers:

  • XQ-EC04/SO-51E – version for DoCoMo
  • XQ-EC14/SOG12 – version for au
  • XQ-EC24/A401SO – version for SoftBank
  • XQ-EC44 – internal version with support for SIM cards
  • XQ-EC54 – European version
  • XQ-EC64 – US and Canada version (may be cancelled)
  • XQ-EC72 – version for China and Asia

As you can see, numbers ending with “0” or “1”, always refer to the versions for Japanese operators. So the XQ-EQ04 and XQ-EQ14 are probably models for DoCoMo, au or SoftBank.

Possibility of new models

The new device, designated as XQ-EQ04 and XQ-EQ14, probably belongs to the premium segment. Among the existing Xperia series, two possible options come to mind: Xperia 5 VI or Xperia Pro II.

Xperia 5 VI or Xperia Pro II?

On closer inspection, the Xperia Pro II is unlikely to be released by carriers. This series has always been aimed at professional users and sold mainly directly. So, the most likely candidate for the role of a new Japanese exclusive is the Xperia 5 VI. This model is ideal for the Japanese market due to its compact size and high quality workmanship, which is appreciated by local users.

Expectations and prospects

If the leak is confirmed, Japanese users can expect to an exclusive smartphone that will not be available in other countries. Xperia 5 VI will be the new flagship offering the most advanced technologies and ease of use. This will allow Sony to strengthen its position in the domestic market and offer users a unique product that meets their high expectations.

After all, despite initial rumors of a 2024 lineup cut, Sony seems to be preparing a pleasant surprise for Japanese users by expanding its lineup and offering new, exciting options.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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