The new Skoda Superb “lights up” the great display

The new Skoda Superb “lights up” the great display

The Czech brand Skoda is continuing to prepare a new generation of Superb and the first model has illuminated the interior equipment. Just as the Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, and Renault Talisman are making headway, the Volkswagen Group believes that the next generation of Passat/Superb twins will bring significant sales. VW Group will appear in 2023 and will produce Skoda on its lines near the Czech Republic.

The new Superb has already been marked many times in tests, and now the prototype has been rebuilt in the body of a more practical station wagon.


Earlier, it was officially confirmed that the ultimate liftback would be lost to the public, but, for a little bit, VW should attach the Passat sedan and it’s more likely to be sold as a station wagon, which is already being tested.

Evolution call, revolution in the middle

New Skoda Superb

New Skoda Superb «illuminating» great display

Apparently, the test prototype has already removed the final serial body, as well as the remaining headlights.

In this case, although the exterior is clearly a matima evolutionary way to design development, in the middle of the cabin you can use a redesigned accessory panel.

Similar to Enyaq, the new generation of Superb may have a touch screen, similar to a tablet, which protrudes from the center console . The display is bigger than the one in the Octavia, and the panel under it, in a modern way, will replace the sensory elements of the car.

The digital instrument panel will be redone, behind the margins, it will be standard for all models, but it is actually the flagship car of Skoda.


New Style

New Skoda Superb 'illuminating' the great display

New Skoda Superb «shine» great display

Skoda Vision 7S

In an interview with Auto Express, close to that time, Thomas Schaefer, the next CEO, briefly spoke about the Superb 2023 showroom, saying that in the new future, “a new style of dressing up with emotions from dotikiv. New technology is rejected by Superb, and then [another generation] Kodiaq. the screen maw is the same diagonal 13 inches, like in an electric switch. Speaking of which, the new Skoda Vision 7S concept has already demonstrated the simplicity of the interior with a minimum of traditional buttons and knobs.

diesels. The engines will be designed in accordance with the Euro-7 standard, which may appear in a couple of years, and two cars, oscillatingly, will be sold less until 2030. A hybrid power plant, which is connected to electric lines, is planned, but there will be no more electric Passat, shards will attribute this role to ID. Aero. At the moment, there is not much to say about the electric equivalent of Superb.