The new PlayStation VR2 will have the Mediatek processor

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These virtual reality glasses have four cameras for audio tracking and an infrared camera for eye tracking, among other features

The new PlayStation VR2 will have Mediatek processor

(Credit: PlayStation.Blog)

This is the first time a Mediatek chip is in a virtual reality goggles. The gamer community has been waiting for some time for Sony todares to hype up its new commitment to virtual reality in the form of PlayStation VR2, which will surely hit the market in early 2023 at a higher price than the original.

It happened on November 2 when Sony revealed that its new PlayStation VR2 for PS5 will launch worldwide on February 22, 2023 at a price of USD$549.99, clearly higher than the launch price of the original model.

Whether an Infobae reader decides to reserve them or not, more details are known about Sony's new virtual reality dedication, since the device is powered by a Mediatek processor.

And at the ongoing Mediatek Summit, it was announced that the company that powers smartphones has created the first processor for to virtual reality, and that Sony's next VR headset will have this chip.

The new PlayStation VR2 will have Mediatek processor

Mediatek. (photo: Twitter)

This is how MediaTek enters the VR processor industry, releasing its first chipset designed specifically for VR headsets, the first of which is the PS VR2.

Not surprising, as tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo teased in May that Sony's next-generation VR would be powered by a Mediatek processor.

This industry move is very interesting because all of today's powerful VR headsets use Qualcomm chips.

These are the official prices of PlayStation VR2 in the world

PS VR2 has advanced specifications for a 4K HDR OLED display with a resolution of 4000×2040 px. This screen has a 119° field of view and a panel refresh rate of 90 and 120 Hz.

It has four cameras for audio tracking and one infrared camera for eye tracking. The device also features feedback 3D audio, and the controls offer haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The new PlayStation VR2 will have the Mediatek processor

PlayStation VR2. (photo: Sony)

There are two options when it comes to price. Neither is particularly cheap, though they're still less than half the price of the new Meta Quest Pro:

– The basic version of PlayStation VR2 is available in the United States for USD$549.99;

– The Mountain version with Horizon Call will launch for USD$599.99;

– Also, Sony sells a PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station separately. This is achieved for USD$49.99.

According to Sony, in some countries the PlayStation VR2 can only be reserved through its official store. This applies to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

In all other markets where it is available, it will be sold through authorized dealers. The company promises more updates on pre-order and marketing channels for each country.

The new PlayStation VR2 will have the Mediatek processor

PlayStation VR2 prices. (photo: Sony)

Sony confirms 11 new games for its PlayStation VR2

In addition to announcing the PlayStation VR2 release date and pricing, the Asian firm has confirmed 11 video games that will be available when the headset hits the market . These are the ones we mention below:

– The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

– Crossfire: Sierra Squad

– The Light Brigade

– Jurassic World Aftermath

The new PlayStation VR2 will have the Mediatek processor

Jurassic World Aftermath. (Photo: YouTube)

– Cities VR

– Cosmonious High

– Hello Neighbor VR2

– Pistol Whip VR

– Zenith

– After The Fall


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