The new iPad has the power that iPadOS 14 deserves

The new iPad has the power that iPadOS 14 deserves

Apple is the only company capable of offering a tablet that can truly be a laptop alternative … despite its meager 32GB

The new iPad has the power that iPadOS 14 deserves

Every year the summary that can be made of the iPad is more or less the same: the rest of the market seems unable to develop a coherent strategy around this type of device, so in a way the iPad is the only tablet that really matters .

2020 is not a typical year but this maxim remains. Apple has revamped its basic iPad, one of its most economical devices, following a predictable but no less attractive line. The result is a product that is easy to recommend, although it is not as attractive as the more expensive alternatives in the range, such as the new iPad Air or the iPad Pro.

What changes in the eighth generation of the device? The main thing is the processor. It goes from having an A10 to an A12 Bionic , which is a significant leap when you consider the evolution of the iPadOS operating system and who this tablet is aimed at.

More power

The 'new' chip (note the quotes) is 40% more powerful and up to twice as advanced when it comes to graphics capabilities. The A10 Fusion used by the previous generation was not bad at all, considering how the rest of the tablet market is doing, but the jump is appreciated and makes many apps a bit more advanced, especially video or photo editing. , go a little looser.

This improvement must be understood in the context of iPadOS 14, the new version of the operating system for Apple tablets, which adds some functions designed to use the iPad more as a replacement for a conventional computer.

Among the novelties of the new system is the possibility of having a more dense interface, with 'widgets' on the desktop, support for a mouse or trackpad, the possibility of writing freehand with the Apple Pencil (which the iPad now supports) and Another series of changes that make for someone who only needs a few basic functions, an iPad is almost a better option than a conventional PC, especially in its price range.

The new iPad has the power that iPadOS 14 deserves

No computer of less than 400 euros is going to move with the ease and power of this tablet. Even adding the Smart Keyboard case with keyboard (179 euros, although there are cheaper options from third-party manufacturers), it remains in a balance of power / portability / price that is difficult – I would say impossible – to match between conventional laptops.

32 GB is little

After a week of testing, the truth, the only sticking point that I have found in the device is the basic storage capacity. The price of the iPad remains this year at 379 euros but also at 32 GB of memory for the most economical configuration, which is very little.

Yes, cloud storage and that everything we consume today arrives in streaming help, but at this point Apple should consider 64 GB or even 128 GB as the minimum desirable in any device that is going to store some information. The A12 is powerful enough to edit 4K video, but you will be able to have little 4K video on this tablet, unless you use an external storage device. Unlike the iPad Pro or the new Air, the iPad's only port is still the Lightning, so even that option isn't attractive .

The new iPad has the power that iPadOS 14 deserves

For the rest, all the good that could be said about the iPad last year remains. The tablet is compatible with the aforementioned keyboard case and the first generation Apple Pencil. The rear camera has 12 megapixels and is competent enough to take good photos and good video, and the screen is sharp and has excellent resolution and very good color reproduction.

It is a fantastic machine. 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the first iPad, and it's amazing what Apple has accomplished in a decade. It remains the standard of what a tablet should be, but what is really surprising is how it has managed to grow to occupy a position where, until recently, a conventional computer seemed the only alternative.

The eighth-generation iPad is now available for 379 euros for the model with 32 GB and 479 for the model with 128 GB of storage. Adding to it a mobile cellular connection costs 140 euros and all new iPads come with a USB-C power adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable instead of USB-A like last year (finally!). The Smart Keyboard case costs 179 euros and the first-generation Apple Pencil costs 99 euros, but they are optional and there are alternatives from other manufacturers, such as Logitech, that are more affordable.

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