The new identity verification in Airbnb to avoid parties

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The AirCover function will provide up to 3 million dollars in the event that homes receive property damage as a result of misuse of space

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The new identity verification in Airbnb to avoid parties

Airbnb users must provide personal data to the application to be properly identified. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

The digital accommodation platform Airbnb began the implementation of a security function dedicated to preventing the organization of parties, which could put the integrity of rented homes at risk.

The new update of the application, which is already available, consists of the identity verification of the people who use the platform, so that users that make inappropriate use of the rentals offered on the platform are fully identified and bad experiences between landlords and tenants are avoided.

The verification function is available in 35 countries where the platform is active, which includes Latin American countries and 90% of all spaces available for reservations online around the world.

According to Tara Bunch, Director of Global Operations for Airbnb,80% of usersthey were already fully registered since before this update was released. However, the mandatory process today requires even deeper data to link an account to a specific person.

The new identity verification in Airbnb to avoid parties

Airbnb users will need to provide personal data to the app in order to be properly identified. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

The user identification process requires the entry of the full name, address, telephone number and additional contact details although the Application may request further evidence such as a photo of an official document or a photo taken with the device in real time.

System against parties within Airbnb

On the other hand, the company announced that it will launch an anti-party detection system that will be available only in the United States and < b>Canada, countries where these practices are more common among the youngest.

To identify the profiles of the users most likely to have parties in foreign spaces, the application will make an estimate considering the history of positive and negative reviews, the time that the user has been within the platform system, the duration of the trip that will be made, the distance between the starting point and contracted advertisement, the day of the week that the service is contacted, among other factors.

This system, which is also active, has helped to reduce 35% in incidents of unauthorized parties in the two countries. In addition, in case the platform does not allow a person to make a reservation, the user will still be able to make a rental, but of even smaller spaces such as personal rooms in lodging houses or hotels through the application.

The new identity verification on Airbnb to avoid parties

The application has an anti-party mode that relates different factors to determine which users might be more likely to organize parties in other people's spaces. (Photo by Martin BUREAU/AFP)

This measure, called the “under 25″ system, has been active since 2020 and is mainly focused on users under the age of this range and who do not have positive reviews as in-app guests, in addition to the local bookings you make.

In case the owners of the homes have had a bad experience with a guest who has held a party inside the space without authorization and as a consequence there was material damage to the home, Airbnb has determined that the budget for the AirCover program will be increased, which will go from offering 1 million dollars to 3 million dollars and that can be used as a way to repair the damages that could be caused during the user's hosting period

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