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The new commissioner for the sake of Europe and human rights pledges to come to Ukraine

The new commissioner for the sake of Europe Europe Human Rights Michael O'Flaherti is renewing his six-fold mandate in the first quarter with a commitment to place human rights at the center of the order of the member states, the Press Service for the Sake of Europe informed.

O'Flaherti informed that with first The commissar's visit to the village may lead to Ukraine.

“I can’t identify anything more outrageous than the legacy of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, which caused the terrible human suffering and ruin,”, – saying O'Flaherty.

He added that it is our intention to “add the perspective of human rights to the greatest outcry that stands before our spouses.”

The Commissioner also highlighted other areas in which a strong defense of human rights is necessary, including the climate crisis, control of artificial intelligence, freedom of expression, migration and the rise of hatred, including and anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim attacks.

The important part The order of the Commissioner will also be dedicated to bringing the struggle of marginalized people and victims of discrimination to the forefront of legal discussions. “The Zokrema, the Romi and the nomads are facing an unbearable situation that will require greater respect,” – Having said the commissioner.

In addition, the commissioner, having voted on his intention to focus on youth nutrition, socio-economic rights and human rights, as well as to strengthen his mandate for the approval of the European Court of Human Rights .

< p>"People have the right to infuse the skin aspect of our life. In the hour, if the stench swells with the numerous screams, we must again take on the crops and weave them into the fabric of our marriage. This is due to our efforts, and I hope to play our role in the most beautiful way possible,” – stating O’Flaherti.

 Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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