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The network showed the concept of an electric SUV for NASCAR races

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

The concept of an electric SUV for NASCAR races was shown on the network

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Today's NASCAR stock cars have almost nothing in common with what ordinary people drive on the roads. But racing cars should be associated with ordinary road traffic – hence the whole principle of “racing on Sunday, selling on Monday”.

But sedans and coupes aren't the default everyday cars anymore, are they? NASCAR's electric crossover concept could bring the series closer to the idea of ​​race cars that kids can recognize in their driveways. But the series isn't giving up on the V8 just yet, writes The Drive.

The ABB NASCAR EV Prototype, which debuted at the Chicago Street Race this weekend, is a track-tested battery electric car. The four-wheel-drive NASCAR BEV, with three electric motors (one in the front, two in the back) and a 78 kWh battery, can produce 1,000 kW of peak power. That translates to just over 1,300 horsepower.

The concept of an electric SUV for NASCAR races was shown on the network

Except for the NASCAR decals on it, this racing prototype looks nothing like an oval dominator. But beneath its SUV-shaped sheet metal hides a next-generation chassis. NASCAR also says the steering, suspension, brakes and wheels of the prototype borrowed from NASCAR Cup Series cars. The car was built in-house and bears similarities not only to the next-gen cars, but also to the Garage 56 cars competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

So what's the point? Showcase NASCAR's future sustainability goals today. Something like this.

The electric vehicle prototype was developed in partnership with sustainability and technology leader ABB, a founding partner of NASCAR Impact. NASCAR Impact is the umbrella term for a racing series that combines efforts to promote sustainability, community engagement and other social initiatives. However, the main focus is on achieving NASCAR's goal of achieving a zero carbon footprint by 2035.

The concept of an electric SUV for racing was shown on the network NASCAR

Don't worry, this goal is related to NASCAR's core business (such as renewable energy at the tracks, EV charging stations, etc.) and has nothing to do with V8 track racing. The sounds and smells of racing fuel and burning rubber aren't going away anytime soon.

But NASCAR has long struggled to stay relevant, and modernization is the key to that success. The next-generation car, which debuted in 2022, not only leveled the cars, but brought its quality, reliability and reliability directly to the daily commute. Racing fuel has also changed to the current mix of gasoline (85%) and ethanol (15%), but is expected to evolve into a more sustainable fuel source.

For now, the front office is aware that some racing fans are opposed to electrification and have no interest in it on the roads and tracks. But Jon Probst, NASCAR's senior vice president of racing development, believes there is always another side to the coin. He told CNN that according to NASCAR research, motorsports fans are interested in electric cars. An electric car prototype is one way to start and continue this conversation.

Online showed an electric SUV concept for NASCAR racing

Racing cars are usually cars, not crossovers or SUVs. But new car sales are changing that scenario. The design of the EV prototype was developed in collaboration with NASCAR partners Chevy, Ford and Toyota, who may know a thing or two about family crossovers. But it is through cooperation with many partners that the NASCAR prototype has a “typical CUV body”.

With all that said, why not show off a race-ready version of what people are already buying? It would certainly give soccer moms and dads more leverage when dropping their kids off at school.

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